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 Fire Resistant File Cabinets
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Image: Fire Resistant  File Cabinets

Fire Resistant File Cabinets

Replacement Parts for Victor Fire Resistant File
Replacement Parts for Victor Fire Resistant File

Commonly referred to as fire files, these files actually fire resistant file cabinets. It is important to realize that if a fire burns hot enough and long enough, no cabinet is going to remain unscathed.

Therefore, as you look through your choices, please consider your situation -

  1. What are you trying to protect? - Electronic media, paper or both? Keep in mind paper begins to char at 350°F, while electronic media begin to degrade at 125°F.
  2. Do you need to worry about impact rating? - That is, if the floor under the cabinet is compromised by the fire - how far will the cabinet fall? If you're on a concrete slab on the first floor you probably don't need an impact rated cabinet (keep in mind, the impact rating also helps protect the cabinet from things falling on it - like the 2nd floor!)
  3. How safe from unauthorized entry does the cabinet need to be? Do you need a cabinet that is also a safe, or contains a safe? Do you need an electronic lock? Should you have one lock for all the drawers or an individual lock for each drawer?
  4. Do you need to worry about water damage? Whether from the fire department, or a sprinkler system, there is a great deal of water used when quelling a fire. Most fire resistant file cabinets are not designed to protect your documents from water damage.

The new Sentry file cabinets offer Fire, Impact and Water protection.

See the "Info" section for details about shipping and delivery.

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